The HJC Way

 Photo by Heather Allan Photography.

Photo by Heather Allan Photography.

Western Lessons (what you learn)

All of our lessons focus on safety, learning from the ground up all aspects of horse care and riding, the essentials of horsemanship.

We believe in the positive impact animals have on people and strive to help you develop those bonds in a safe, structured program which will help prepare you for the realities of horse ownership. Learn more about our special approach by clicking our Youth at Risk page.

Although some of our students are competing in different equine disciplines - our stable is not competitively focussed. We consider ourselves a family and strive to support one another in all of our endeavours. We value quality of horsemanship above and beyond winning ribbons.

 The "Pink Ladies" getting ready for their run.

The "Pink Ladies" getting ready for their run.

Programs are tailored to individuals, moving forward only as a participant understands and can complete a task. We want to know and understand your goals so we can help you achieve them as safely as possible.

To get an idea of our program and our focus, download our learn to ride manual Learning to Ride the HJC Way for free on iBooks. We wrote this for our students because we do things differently and wanted them to have continuity in their education.


Environment builds behaviour.
— Bill Strickland


Horseback riding has been considered a “luxury activity” for far too long. We strive to make our programs accessible to a number of income levels and partner with organizations (such as KidSport) as often as possible to find sponsorship opportunities for clients who are having difficulty making ends meet.

Butts belong in saddles! We will work with you to make that a possibility.

Our volunteer program can also help fill the gaps when money is tight and get your rider in the barn. Our doors are always open to our clients.

HJC is conveniently located in the heart of the Bluefield family of schools. Riders who attend these schools have the option of being dropped off by school bus for their lessons, saving parents a trip. Ellen can help you arrange this as an option.

Our pricing is competitive, ranging between $22 and $40 per hour of lessons aiming to keep our programs accessible to a wide variety of people. Download our price list below.