Parachute cord @ HJC:

Pooch, Pony and Paracord (P3)!

The collars all started as practice for making\replacing our school horse reins. Collars have become so popular we are busy filling orders - and have not gotten back to the reins!

All parachute cord projects are made out of commercial grade 550 parachute cord woven or knotted to deliver the desired effect. Paracord is a highly versatile multi-filament nylon cord with nearly unlimited uses, applications and benefits, and is a must have for any survival and emergency preparedness kit.

Benefits of Paracord

  • Strength - In a 1/8 inch diameter cord,  breaking strength of 550 lbs. Braiding increases the strength.
  • Durability - It can be used over and over again while remaining flexible and durable.
  • Light Weight - The Mil specification requires that 225 feet of cord weigh 1 pound or less.
  • Water and Mildew Resistant - Outside elements are not a problem and it will dry very quickly.
  • Inner Strands - The unique ability to remove the inner strands make this cord extremely versatile.
 Chelsey on a hike in Winter River PEI with her P3 paracord  2 strand cobra weave collar.

Chelsey on a hike in Winter River PEI with her P3 paracord  2 strand cobra weave collar.


The basic cobra weave pattern can be made out of your choice of one or two colours and built with a 0.5 inch metal or plastic clasp prices range from $8.50 - $13.50. The core of this weave is 2 strands.

For a thicker more substantial collar the cobra weave is done over an inner core of 4 strands of 550 parachute cord on a 3\4 - 1 inch clasp. Basic plastic clasps are the economy option with upgrade to high end plastic (Sea to Summit). $15-$19.50

You might also consider the double wide cobra or the ladder weave if you prefer a really substantial collar - prices start at $20 for these options and you can see examples in the gallery below.

Add ons:

  • $2.50 for paraglow (glow in the dark cord) or reflective cord, perfect for evening walks.
  • $2.00 for a bone shaped aluminum tag in a colour which compliments the collar you ordered. Tags leave HJC blank.

Collars are not adjustable so measurement is required, contact for available colour choices.

Reins are in development - prices and sizing will be listed here when available.


Leashes are woven in the basic cobra weave pattern only at this time and use trigger snaps.

Price is based on length of leash:

  • $15 for a 24 inch (2 foot) traffic lead
  • $20 for a 3 foot city walk lead
  • $25 for a 4 foot lead

Add $5.00 for reflective and paraglow cord.

**Please note that due to the amount of cord required to make a leash we will be ordering the cord required. You should anticipate 2 weeks per leash.


Colour selection is virtually endless!

We have a catalogue of available to order colours on site at HJC. Almost any colour can be ordered but please allow for approximately 2 weeks for your collar to be made as colours must first be shipped to HJC.

In stock colours are all kept up to date on our Facebook page. Find the album here: Parachute Cord In Stock Collars made from this selection can be available in as little as a day or two.


The styles of collars we offer are all listed in the gallery above and range in price based on the materials used. Everything is made by yours truly!


Instructions for Ordering:

  • Measure your subject!
  • Decide on your style (2 strand cobra, 4 strand cobra, Ladder or Double wide cobra) all are shown in the gallery above.
  • Economy or Premium buckle.
  • Choose your colours.



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Name of collar wearer:
We like to know who our collars are going to. All of our colour combinations have been named after the first "pooches" to order them!
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Favourite colour of your furry friend. We will send you pictures of the options we have in stock.
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