By signing up for lessons, you agree to adhere by these rules - and we promise to enforce them, be prepared!




At HJC we charge 10 pushups each time you:

(and no this is not a joke.)


1. Say “I can’t”

2. Say “Whatever”

3. Say “Gross”

4. Blame your horse.

5. Give up.

6. Interrupt.

7. Whine.

8. Forget your horse’s name.

9. Do not pay attention.

10. Do not clean up after your horse.

11. Cut corners.

12. Tell mean jokes.

13. Interrupt.

14. If you leave the doors (any of them) open.

15. Fibbing\Lying 


The list grows every year, stay tuned for updates!! 


HJC Barn and office Rules:


  1. If you open it, close it. If you turn it on, turn it off. If you take it out, put it back. If your horse poops you scoop.
  2. No running, smoking or screaming.
  3. No treats (for horses, coaches love treats).
  4. Cell phones must be turned off. Parents this goes for you too! If you need to use a phone you can use ours. If someone needs to reach you you will be at 894-5452.
  5. No gum while on horseback.
  6. Please do not approach horses without supervision.
  7. Please do not enter arena unless accompanied by staff.
  8. Parents and students are expected to act in a supportive manner of all the students. Snide remarks, jeering or unsupportive behaviour will result in the termination of lessons for you and\or your child. Zero tolerance.
  9. If you fall off you are obligated to bring cheesecake for the stress you’ve caused me. It’s the least you can do!
  10. We love visitors, but please remember visitors are your responsibility.
  11. Visitors: if you come to observe someone else's lesson, please remember that that person is paying me for a lesson, not you. You may sit quietly and listen, but neither the rider nor I need your running commentary.
  12. Unsupervised children will be fed to the horses.
  13. You are welcome to take pictures, please ensure the flash is turned off.