A special moment between horse and rider in a clinic at the original HJC in 2014.

A special moment between horse and rider in a clinic at the original HJC in 2014.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less
— Marie Curie


"My daughter started riding at 8 years old and instantly fell in love with all things horse related.  She trained in English riding for the next six years or so, but had a couple of falls and her confidence took a hit.  She still madly loved horses but was having a hard time getting past her fear of falling off again.  As a parent it was difficult to watch her struggling with something that she once loved so much, but was now mostly causing her stress.  

That’s when we found HJC.  

It was a Western barn, but once we met Ellen and toured the facility we knew right away that it was just what my daughter needed.  The horses were gentle, but still challenging for a rider, and the barn surroundings were peaceful and welcoming.  Ellen is a great cheerleader, but more importantly knows when to safely push your child a little outside their comfort zone so they can grow.  It wasn’t long before my daughter’s love of riding was reignited and her confidence came back in leaps and bounds.  

We’ve since moved back to an English barn, but our time at HJC was invaluable for keeping my daughter’s development as a rider moving forward.  HJC is a unique and effective set-up where children can learn to overcome challenges in a fun and safe environment.”

Anonymous, Charlottetown PEI

View from the trail, Atlas Mountains Morocco 2017

View from the trail, Atlas Mountains Morocco 2017

Regaining or developing confidence in self and horse.

These special programs are for people who have, through trauma (such as a bad fall) or life event (such as having had children), developed a fear of interacting with or riding horses and are interested in finding a way back to what was once enjoyed.

Throughout my time working with people and horses I have quite by accident come across many people of all ages and circumstance (Royal Air Force pilots, new mothers, young children and everything in between) , who for numerous reasons have left horses behind and who are seeking a safe place to reconnect. HJC is that safe space.

Traditional lesson structure does not apply, instead we will create a bespoke program together, specifically to help you overcome your unique hurdles. Incorporating evidence-based coaching techniques, specially trained horses, decades of experience and a safe environment we will work together to achieve your goals.

For some of you this will include riding. For others simply feeling comfortable around horses again is your unique goal, our job is to meet you where you are and help you to arrive at your destination.

  • These programs will take place on site at HJC.

  • Length of program will be determined on an individual basis.

  • Price will be determined on an individual needs basis.

Book an initial chemistry session (no direct interaction with horses required) to discuss your individual goals and map out a path forward which works with your schedule.

All programs at HJC operate with total respect of the confidentiality of our clients.


“I am a professional horse person. I have been working with, for, and around the animals and the people who take care of them for over a decade.

When I met Ellen for the first time, I was a few months after giving birth to my second baby. Since I had my first born, two years before, I never fully returned to riding. I kept feeling emotionally and physically unprepared, losing a lot of muscle tone and confidence during the days of child bearing.

Even after returning to work with the horses, between kids, I always found a way to stay on the ground. I had many opportunities to ride, and pressure from my colleagues in the horse industry, to get back up there. But I was scared.

My body changed after the births, I wasn’t sure if it will remember what to do, and afraid to find out that I lost the ability to ride at all. Additionally, my mindset changed, galloping in a woodland lane didn’t seem like a very appealing idea anymore, with two little girls waiting at home for me.

The time came to return to work, but I felt like a lie. A fake. The horse riding instructor who is afraid of riding. The longer I waited, the harder it got, and the worse the stress to solve the issue of find and alternative became.

I finally brought myself to hesitantly meet Ellen, after hearing about the size of her heart and being impressed by the standards of her facilities and welfare of the animals under her care.

We spent two hours talking, during which I mostly cried.

The next time, I got on a horse for the first time since my first baby was born. Under Ellen’s soft touch, fears melted, a familiar rhythm was found, and I was home again. Just like that.

The week after, I applied for, and was accepted, to a new job in the local horse industry, still working there today.

Without Ellen’s kindness, patience, and professional conduct, both on the personal and the equestrian levels, I do believe it would have taken me a much longer time, and probably a rockier road, to find the way back home, if at all.

Few of the people in the international horse business are graced with Ellen’s ability to communicate so purely with both humans and horses. No other facility on this island rises to the same professional standards as are met by the HJC, or has as much heart. The service this establishment provide goes beyond the individual, benefiting the community at large.”

Anonymous, Cornwall PEI 2016