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Pilot Young Women's Leadership Program (Ages 11 -14)

  • The Hughes-Jones Centre for People and Animals 271 Cornwall Road Cornwall, PE, C0A 1H4 Canada (map)
Girls reported that the greatest barrier to leadership is a lack of self-confidence in their own abilities.  ~Change It Up, Girl Scout Research Institute

HJC is rolling out a pilot program of leadership while working with horses targeting young women this 2016 summer season.

Sessions will be focussed on youth 11- 14 years in age and divided between age and exposure levels to horses. The majority of work will be on the ground with the horses learning practical horsemanship skills targeted toward building leadership qualities in young women.

One of the key practical skills in working with horses is leading. In teaching people how to lead a horse, universal leadership skills are imparted on students by simply learning how to work with horses. We are looking to build on that skill set helping young women nurture their leadership qualities outside of the stable.

What is leadership in youth?

From “Leadership Development: An Examination of Individual and Programmatic Growth,” authors Conner and Strobe define youth leaders as individuals “who think for themselves, communicate their thoughts and feelings to others, and help others understand and act on their own beliefs." the leadership model described by Schoenberg and Salmond in “Exploring Leadership,” a report from the Girl Scouts Research Institute, encourages youth to take on increasing responsibility, requires them to be involved participants in designing and implementing activities, and explores how youth, like adults, can have an impact in their current environment.  ~ The Power To Lead, A Leadership Model for Adolescent Girls, CARE

CARE recognized 5 key characteristics of youth leaders as: voice\assertion, decision making\action, self-confidence, organization, vision\ability to motivate others. 

As a pilot program sessions for the 2016 season will operate at a value rate ($60 for 4 2 hour sessions) and involve surveys throughout the process. We are fine tuning this program and are looking to evaluate it's effectiveness and demand within the community. 

Group size will remain small with no more than 4 participants per session.

At present we are looking for girls between the ages of 11 and 14 years of age who are interested in this type of program and are looking to get closer to horses.

Activities will include:

  • Ground work
  • Body language (how to approach your horse\how your horse reads you)
  • The importance of body language.
  • Hooking on\Join-Up (how to effectively partner with your horse)
  • What your horse sees in you.
  • Demonstrations
  • What is leadership to you?
  • Grooming (and it's importance)
  • Leading (how to convince a 1000 pound flight animal to trust you)
  • What is assertiveness and assertion?
  • How to be assertive.
  • Planning and making a decision.
  • Safety

All activities involve hands on work with horses and are horsemanship skill based.