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2017 Summer Camp # 6 (8-10 year olds with at least one week of camp) 2 spaces left!

Good news! HJC will be hosting our LAST year of summer camps at our Cornwall Road location in 2017.

Although we are still unsure of our ability to relocate we are thrilled to be able to host you for summer camps in 2017!!

Our daily Summer Camp program is truly the most ideal way to be introduced to horses in a safe and friendly environment. Our camps are a half- day full of hands on learning that includes everything from grooming essentials to riding and handling your horse. This adds up to be 20 hours of horse instruction over a five day period!

Camps begin on Monday and end on Friday, they run daily from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Please note: dates fill fast! We assemble children based on age and skill level - we make no guarantees that the date you want will be available.

A typical day at Summer Camp:
-Participants arrive at HJC
-Chores! (Cleaning, feeding, watering, fencing - basic horse care)
-Stable management lesson (parts of the horse, parts of the saddle, first aid, breeds of horses, grooming etc.)
-Horse time! (Catching, leading, grooming, tacking and riding)
*We progress only as fast as the participants!
**Each camp will vary based on the campers.

*** Camps change based on experience level of participant. Beginners learn from the ground up and for the first couple of days at camp most likely won’t be on the horse’s back. More experienced riders start at their level and we add to their current skills.

$300 HST included.
To reserve your spot a 50% non-refundable deposit is required, the balance is to be paid the first day of camp.