HJC offers western lessons for people aged 9 years and older year round. There is never a bad time to learn about horses!

HJC has a unique design and is equipped with a 60 x 120 foot indoor arena which helps protect us from inclement weather. Lessons and other programs at HJC take place in our arena for safety purposes.

Our heated office\viewing room will keep spectators toasty warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Helmets (rental fee $4.00) and rubber boots are available for HJC client use so that you have time to decide if you are ready to make an investment in your equine education.

Be sure to book a 30 minute FREE tour and information session to find out more!

 Lessons in our arena.

Weekly Group Lesson Program

Our option for people who would like year round access to horses and have schedules to work around. Typically lessons are once per week.

Private lessons are the easiest to schedule and can be booked for 30 minutes or an hour. Although a more expensive option, if one on one attention and focus is what you are after this is the option for you.

Groups are paired based on age and experience level and range from 2-5 people. As experience level increases we can add more people to the group and you have more options.


Please read our GROUP LESSON PACKET for more information:

Summer Camp Program

At HJC we pride ourselves on our summer camp program. 20 hours of instruction over a 5 day period with a very high student teacher ratio ensures an excellent introduction or continuation of equine learning.

Groups are assembled based on age and experience level. No more than 5 participants per week are accepted to ensure quality of instruction. Our camps are all horses all the time, with no fillers. 

Start the day with chores and stable management and end with your riding lesson! We love to get creative and keep trying new ways to keep kids excited and interested. Call Ellen to book your free tour and information session today!


Our Equine Team Makes us GReat!

At HJC we pride ourselves on selecting quality horses with an exceptionally high level of training for our students. We have chosen typically cow bred quarterhorses and paints for their calm demeanor and work ethic. We hold our horses to a high standard: kicking, bucking or dangerous behaviour is not tolerated within our working herd or our boarders - the safety of our students is paramount.

We believe that every horse has a lesson to teach a rider and try to change horses based on the lessons learned by the rider. Horses at HJC are kept as herd and live as a family. It takes a while to get used to, however we believe the horses are healthier, happier and eager to work because of their lifestyle.