Coaching women toward their leadership goals.

At HJC we have been dedicated to working with women and girls toward leadership development since our inception in 2008.

It has been said that horses, in particular for women, aid in the facilitation of experiential learning experiences, creating an opportunity to explore power dynamics, body language, leadership skills and more.

Standing in the moment with an unpredictable entity (the horse) and a coach.  Although some may question the relevance of horses in an executive coaching environment we believe the experiential nature of the interaction adds fundamental in the moment. 

In a recent study of female CEO’s for example, three aggregate dimensions of behaviours were identified which women were said to control on their leadership journeys: self-acceptance, self-development and self-management (Athanasopoulou et al., 2018, p. 9). It was noted that women in particular tend to overemphasize their weaknesses and must come to a point of self-acceptance regarding their potential for leadership skills. The researchers note that there was an acceptance not celebration of the women’s strengths (Athanasopoulou et al., 2018, p. 15). One could argue that this study’s findings in fact demonstrate areas where self-awareness in the participants is sorely lacking.

What we’ve learned

Programs are currently in development for women seeking to improve or unlock their leadership potential and create powerful networks of support. These programs combine executive\business coaching with an experiential equine element we call Equine Informed Coaching.

Look for pilot programs to take place in March 2019.


Equally, young women and girls have infinite and often untapped leadership potential. We are dedicated to developing programs which empower young women to rise in the direction of their dreams while developing the skills which will propel them forward.

Coaching in a safe environment both with and without the direct use of horses, we look forward to continuing to work with these groups.

Look for pilot programs to take place in March 2019.

You don’t need a title to be a leader. You lead by example.
— Jamie Woodburn, Marketing and Communications Manager with Workforce Strategies, Inc..

Alumnae of the Women Transforming Leadership Programmes (including Ellen Jones) discuss the added value of networking and recall their recent experiences April 2019.



“…We at FVPS are behind R. Ellen Jones and the work she has done to create a fantastic business that grows youth in all the ways we hope our young people to turn out. She is a strong leader and an inspiration. Her understanding of women's issues and women's equality makes her someone we are so proud to have on our side…”

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