“She pushed me harder than I had anticipated. She expected more from me than I thought I had to give. Her persistence and belief in me helped me to pick my head up again. Someone was paying attention. Another human saw me for me. I had value in her eyes. Slowly, I began to believe in myself.”
— HJC Client 2014

From the “Horse’s” Mouth:


“…HJC provides opportunities unavailable elsewhere. It’s unique in its design and spirit. Ellen brings international experience in equine-partnered experiences to all ages while encouraging holistic growth and integrity in interactions.”

— ElLyn Lyle PhD, Associate Dean, YU Faculty of Education, Chair, Leadership Department, 2016

…”A lesson at HJC is more than worth flying out from Germany to PEI or flying up to PEI for a day, after a couple of days working in Toronto..

— Lea Gutmann

“Thanks to HJC I have become a better person at work and home, everything we do applies to so much more than horses, it is about life! “

— Anonymous

…”In working with Ellen and HJC, these clients gained healthy life foundations including structure, appropriate expectations, the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships and the opportunity to be successful and how that impacts themselves and others.”

— Youth Worker PEI


…”Simply put, HJC is not only the reason I am alive today, but alive and thriving.”

— HJC Client

…”Ellen takes a different approach with each person, each group... its from the ground up. Its not just about riding. It’s the bond you build, the trust you give and earn…”

— HJC client 2010

…”I am forever grateful to Ellen and the HJC family for inviting me in with open arms and never giving up on me. My time at HJC was not only life altering, but life saving. That I know for sure.”

— Maine, USA

“We at FVPS are behind R. Ellen Jones and the work she has done to create a fantastic business that grows youth in all the ways we hope our young people to turn out. She is a strong leader and an inspiration. Her understanding of women's issues and women's equality makes her someone we are so proud to have on our side.”

— PEI Family Violence Prevention services