Dedicated to empowering women and girls through coaching and leadership development.


A new vision for HJC

Our mission at HJC has always been to affect change in our community using the skills and knowledge which can be gained through working with horses. Over the 10 years HJC has been serving our community, those skills and that knowledge has grown exponentially thanks to our clients and a continued commitment to personal learning.

HJC’s new design honours those women and girls we’ve worked with from the very beginning; what they’ve shared with us over the years, what we’ve learned from one another, while looking toward creating greater impact with our work.

I believe wholeheartedly in order to truly affect change in our Prince Edward Island community - that our girls and women need to realize their potential to make an impact, tap into the leadership skills they already have and reclaim them immediately. It is never too early or too late!

It is with this at heart that I am designing programs which incorporate evidence based coaching techniques for targeted results with a pointed focus on unlocking leadership potential in women and girls. Combined with the supportive and collaborative environment HJC is renowned for, our programs are built upon a solid foundation of values derived from horsemanship I call: Equine Informed Coaching.

Ladies, this new version of HJC is dedicated to you: my heroes.

It’s time to change the world, are you ready?

She pushed me harder than I had anticipated. She expected more from me than I thought I had to give. Her persistence and belief in me helped me to pick my head up again. Someone was paying attention. Another human saw me for me. I had value in her eyes. Slowly, I began to believe in myself.
— HJC client testimonial, 2014