Youth and HJC


At HJC we use the skill of horsemanship as a tool to affect change in the lives of youth in our community.

Learning about horses for youth who are animal inclined has many benefits outside of a therapeutic model. Horsemanship and learning about horses teaches participants; responsibility, empathy, understanding, emotional control and congruence, leadership, independence, resilience, assertiveness, communication skills, focus and maybe most importantly what healthy relationships look like and how to set boundaries.

Programs at HJC all focus around horsemanship skills and working safely with horses. We take a horsemanship skill focussed approach to our work with youth building on a foundation of ground work and horse care while working toward riding - this allows all participants to gain understanding of the animal they are working with, build a relationship with the horse and staff and earn the right through skill development to ride. 

Our structure is one created by the horse. There are skills every potential horse person must learn before they can safely manage a 1000 pound animal. We use horsemanship as a tool\delivery mechanism for greater life skills.

What is a youth at risk?

At HJC we believe all youth are at risk in the world today. Some youth are more at risk than others but ultimately kids today will face similar challenges - the question really is: do they have the skills and support systems to manage those challenges?

It is because we see all youth as having the potential of being at risk that our programs all begin the same way regardless of the child's background, we start with the horse. 

HJC creates a safe and welcoming environment for youth to learn about horses while gaining knowledge with a more practical application in real life